NVIDIA-Senior Thermal Engineer 面议

深圳 3年及以上经验 学历不限学历 学术/科研 全职

NVIDIA-Senior Thermal Engineer 面议
We are now looking for a Thermal Engineer. Your will be working with a team to provide and qualify thermal solution for NVIDIA's products, balance thermal, acoustic, mechanical, schedule and price factors at the same time.

What You’ll Be Doing:
·Analysis products MRD and discuss with internal customer, provide thermal solution for NV products.
·Use CFD tool to design and optimize thermal solutions.
·Analysis and qualify acoustic performance of thermal solution.
·Balance thermal/acoustic/mechanical/schedule and cost of thermal solution.
·Conduct qualification test of thermal solution.
·Search and study new technology, design and setup related test platform to apply new tech in our products.
·Debug root cause of thermal related issues and improve thermal design process.
·Communicate with different team member with English.
·Support manufactory on thermal related issue.

What We Need To See:
·3+ years experience in system level thermal design.
·Build CFD model of GPU/power components/graphic board and system.
·Calibrate CFD model and compare different solutions thermal performance.
·Co-work with ME to build proE model of thermal solution, call for prototype sample.
·Setup platform to verify prototype sample thermal performance and calibrate CFD model
Test fan PQ curve, heat sink resistance curve.
·Conduct products sound pressure test and analysis sound quality performance.
·Write formal thermal and acoustic qualification report for thermal products.
·Setup test platform and rework board and cooler in lab.

Ways To Stand Out From The Crowd:
·Rich experience on server, HPC, system thermal design and test, familiar with system thermal and acoustic standard.
·Good work attitude and devote in the work.
·Good ability to use CFD software such as Icepak and flotherm to help design, optimize and estimate solution advantage.
·Heat transfer, hydrodynamics or thermodynamics background.
·Good English communication skill.

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